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Very, very interesting books as I was born and raised right here in Las Vegas and found the photos and information to be really interesting.


Each of Mr. Kunz's dispatches was highly anticipated, and having them together in book form is delightful. He writes with eloquence and passion about the lands and the people he met and readers are the beneficiaries of his gift.


Thoughtful and interesting. Amazed that anyone could send 'dispatches' of that length on a cell phone or find cell phone service/charging in areas that seem so remote. BUT, I also wonder if 'mail' could be deliverable? It seems electricity, water quality, elusive. Glad Ted is home 'safe'. ...until his next quest?

Mike Heryla

Great book. Great service. Have personal history with some of the articles cover. Looking forward to ordering a few more with topics regarding southeast New England.

Tracking system

Everything was great. The best part was the tracking, loved the emails
at every step

Irene Chandler

Looks like a really interesting book. I look forward to reading it.
Perhaps type could be enlarged for older readers.

Delivered as Promised

The book that I ordered was delivered on time and in great shape. Thanks,

The Two-wheeled Wanderer

Beautiful book
Good communication along the way

Ken Saville

Fantastic book! Like reading Hemingway short stories. Not able to travel because of COVID, but lived vicariously through Ted’s monthly dispatches.

2021 Mardi Gras Porches

Love this book! Great for anyone that was not able to go see the porches in person

The Two-Wheeled Wanderer: An Obscure Man in Obscure Places


What a wonderful book!Im so in awe of Ted’s writing. He makes it feel like you are riding along with him. This is a very enjoyable read! Thanks for writing it and I hope you travel and write again soon!

The Two-Wheeled Wanderer: An Obscure Man in Obscure Places

Highly anticipated!

The book arrived two days ago and we look forward to reading it.

Jerry Brady

This is a fine adventure book, yes, but much more. The writing is superb. The insights into culture on two continents is unexpectedly good because, beyond his restless curiosity, Kunz of is that rare human who is full of humanity. Of special interest to me is the places he stops and settles in, such as Georgetown, Guyana and a hill town in Kenya. Doing so produced a high school science center that will serve thousands of Zambia students over the years. I cheered when he hopped on a train in Africa, saving himself and his empathetic readers another painful day on the road. There's a little bit of the rest of us in this witty, observant,
and thoroughly entertaining wanderer.

Tammy G

so happy to get the book. Loved to read the stories in the Idaho Press Tribune


I enjoyed it in the paper but it is much better in the book. I would forget what was going on by the time the next dispatch was printed a month later.

Wheeling foreward

Great book and an exceptional true story of what persistance and goals can do to set one free and just go go go. The serendipitous detours along the way make the journey even more interesting.

We began getting the Idaho Press when Ted began his journey in Africa so I was thrilled to read his book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have not yet read the book. Followed his articles in the Idaho Press news paper and quite sure the book will be as good. He has a pleasing style of writing that matches his acute observations.

The Two-Wheeled Wanderer: An Obscure Man in Obscure Places

Great book

I have followed him thru the Press Tribune articles. So nice to have a collection where everything is together. Bought an extra copy for a gift.

Karen G.

Started reading it while crossing the room after opening box!