We've been publishing pictorial history books for 18 years, and although each title tells a unique story, the Pediment model for these heirloom-quality books remains unchanged. Our pictorial history book program is a simple approach, bringing together the rich archives of local historical organizations and the promotional strength of a community newspaper. Here's a brief overview of why our pictorial history book program has been so popular among newspapers across the United States:

  • Provides a keepsake book the community will cherish for generations, helping bolster the newspaper's position as a community cheerleader.
  • Leverages a newspaper's promotional strength to raise awareness for local historical organizations, which also helps foster a lasting bond between the newspaper, historical partners and the community.
  • Requires little or no commitment of newspaper staff time or resources as Pediment handles almost every aspect of the project in conjunction with local historical partners.
  • Excellent source of alternative revenue for our newspaper clients.

"Turn key" is the phrase our clients typically use when they tell their peers about our pictorial history book program, and that's something we strive to live up to! We provide our newspaper clients promotion to solicit historical images from their readers to start. We then spend a week in the local market conducting public scanning sessions advertised, also work with local museums, historical societies, libraries, and other institutions to acquire historical photos for the book.

The end result, as seen in the examples below, is a beautiful book treasured by the community!

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Some Recent Examples