Cover Announced - Sweetwater Memories

The final cover has been selected for our upcoming hardcover book, Sweetwater Memories: A Photographic History of the Early Years.

The cover features Mr. William Yates and friends on a picnic at Island Park in Green River, 1933. The area is now called Expedition Island after the Powell expeditions of 1869 and 1871. COURTESY SWEETWATER COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM / #68-66-1

This pictorial history is a look into the early years of Sweetwater County

Within these pages you will see horse-drawn wagons moving over dirt roads, and cars bustling along smooth downtown streets. Trains, planes, bikes, and boats being used for commerce and for leisure. You will see people mining, farming, and building the railroads, a glance into industries having their day. 

Looking at butcher shops, bars, banks, and stores, we are given a look into the necessities of the time. Students, some smiling and some straight-faced, can be seen learning in schoolhouses, high schools, gymnasiums, and gathered for team sports with their peers. Many pages are filled with people serving their community. They fought fires, fought for women’s rights, and of course a fair few fought in wars.

Family and friends are pictured coming together, whether it be at a wedding, a picnic, or showing off their prize-winning garden.

As a pictorial history, this book provides a snapshot (well, many snapshots) of life, a glimpse into the day to day experiences of those who lived while cities and towns were starting to form and grow.

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Sweetwater Memories: A Photographic History of the Early Years Cover
Rocket-Miner presents Sweetwater Memories: A Photographic History of the Early Years

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