Agnes Remembered

50 Years After Wyoming Valley's Worst Disaster

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Tropical Storm Agnes, the worst natural disaster in Wyoming Valley history, left a path destruction and forever changed the landscape of our community.

Fifty years later, a new coffee-table book from the journalists of The Citizens’ Voice looks back at the events leading up to the storm, the devastation left in the wake of Agnes, and our community’s spirit to rebuild through photos and historic snippets.

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Maureen K.
True Historical Photographs

"Agnes Remembered" is a very interesting photo album to view if you ever lived through or lost your home during the time Agnes's ravishing flood waters caused immeasurable damage to the Wyoming Valley. I bought it because I can remember Hurricane Agnes came through three weeks after my high school graduation and more importantly, my husband was a member of a local volunteer fire company that assisted in the cleanup of the aftermath. He and his crewmembers were photographed by a San Francisco newspaper. I was hoping to see his photo in the book but there was no photo of him or his fellow volunteer firemen. All in all, "Agnes Remembered" is an impressive photographic journal of Hurricane Agnes from 1972.

Christal B.

Agnes Remembered: 50 Years After Wyoming Valley's Worst Disaster

Edmond F.

Well done. If you lived through it or are just learning about it, this is a great book.

Denise S.

Well done in remembrance of Agnes. Great pictures. Brings back a lot of memories both good and bad

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