Prep Rally

The History of Arkansas High School Football

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Fall Friday nights mean a lot to Arkansans, whether they live in small towns or bigger cities.

That’s when their local heroes battle it out on football fields across The Natural State. It’s been that way for generations as parents and grandparents, friends and families, flock to stadiums big and small to share experience and, perhaps, relive a thrilling moment. "Prep Rally: A History of Arkansas High School Football” will, through words and photos, give readers a look at the state’s greatest teams, best coaches, fiercest rivalries and unique traditions that have made Friday nights in the fall so special for so many.

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Billy D.

Books arrived on time & packaged very well.

Suzanne B.

I am giving this for a Christmas gift so I have not opened it

Thomas H.
Prep Rally

Was hoping for more historical information. I played on an undefeated team in 1957 and two members of our team played on the first All-Star game in Little Rock in 1958. There was no mention of the game or the players. Also, I was surprised that Lamar Dingler of Lake Village was not mentioned among the winningest coaches in history.

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