We Believe in Nashville

Destructive Tornadoes and a Crippling Pandemic Reveal Our Community’s Resolve to Rebuild

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The Tennessean presents "We Believe in Nashville," a hardcover book that documents the devastation left in the wake of the EF-4 tornado that tore across four Tennessee counties in early March 2020, even as the COVID-19 pandemic hindered our efforts and the additional devastation of a bombing in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day, all solidifying the resolve of our community to rebuild and recover.

This 160-page book features breathtaking photos and compelling stories from the award-winning staff of The Tennessean, and showcases the heart of the people of Nashville to overcome and rebuild. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret S.
Very well done.

Great looking book and content was done well.

Becky D.

Wonderful book! I also have the “Flood 2010” book as well!

Barbara H.
Barbara Huljak

I just received it this week and have not had a chance to read it but did glance at it.
I was in our house in Nashville the night of the storms. We were lucky for sure. We had 6 sirens go off in a 2 hour span but no damage. I am anxious to go through the entire book and have it to show my family when they visit. Thank you. Barbara Huljak

Jerry D.

Great product

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