Jersey Eats

Your Ultimate Guide to Roadside Food

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We’re going to give you a consumer’s guide to breaking the chain-food habit. With those words, the Munchmobile was launched 10 years ago, and the basic idea is still the same. New Jersey is a place where people shouldn’t settle for chain-store food. We are, after all, the inventors and authenticators of the traveling meal experience. From the stage-route taverns of Colonial times, to the ubiquitous Jersey diner of the 1950s.

Taking suggestions from readers, we went out to find the best of simple, highway and downtown staples. Hot dogs, and the Jersey-centric Italian hot dog. Diner breakfasts. Burgers and pizza. Deli sandwiches, including the Jersey-centric Sloppy Joe. We traveled the state in a van with a big hot dog mounted on top, the same one the Munchmobile carries today.

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