Moments in Time

Postcards from Madison’s Past

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Postcards – the familiar rectangles with photographs or drawings on the front and hand-written notes bound for recipients in other places on the back – are now mostly a relic of another era, an echo from the past. Long since replaced by email, texts and other digital methods, discovering a postcard in the mailbox is something of a rarity today.

The Wisconsin State Journal is pleased to offer a wonderful collection of postcards, including real photo postcards in stunning full-page display, that truly tell the story of Wisconsin’s capital city in this new book: “Moments in Time: Postcards from Madison's Past.”

From its earliest days in the late-1800s to a post-World War II thriving hub of politics, education and recreation, Madison has always been in love with postcards. And postcards have always loved Madison back. Share that love through this hard-cover, heirloom-quality book, and relish once again the simple joy of postcards.

Note: images on this promotional page may not appear in final product.

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