Forever a Saint

Drew Brees, New Orleans’ Greatest Champion

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Relive the memorable career of Drew Brees in this hardcover collector’s book.

Celebrate Drew Brees’ remarkable career with “Forever a Saint: Drew Brees, New Orleans’ Greatest Champion.” Relive his best moments in stories and photos from the award-winning journalists of The Times-Picayune/The Advocate in this 160-page hardcover collector’s book.

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Karen S.

Sat down immediately upon receipt of this fantastic book reviewing Drew Brees' career in the NFL and his tenure as a "Saint". The pictures were great and the articles were filled with interesting insight to his dedication to his sport, family and a glimpse of his future. He will most assuredly be a success at whatever he chooses to do. His example will also be a guide for those wanting a career as a pro athlete, whether in football or other sports.

Bonnie J.
Forever A Saint

Love it!!!!!❤️❤️

Tracy C.

Awesome Book!!!

Luanna S.

Beautifully done. Yes. Received and it a new coffee table book for my home as well as the addional copies for family gifts. I think I will be ordering a few more an knock out my early Xmas shopping this year. I started reading it and the quality definitely shows. A book to enjoy for a lifetime. Thank you!

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