The Blizzard of ’77

Buffalo’s Storm of the Century

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If you were living in Western New York on Jan. 28, 1977, you may never tire of answering this question: Where were you?

Forty years later, the Blizzard of ’77 remains the signature weather event in our region’s history. Businesses and schools shut down for days to recover, and a federal state of emergency was declared.

The Buffalo News is proud to present this hardcover pictorial book to commemorate the Buffalo Blizzard of '77, and the indomitable spirit of our friends and neighbors who live here. This heirloom-quality coffee-table book documents the storm’s worst and our community’s best.

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John B.
Blizzard of 77

Great book, I was there during the storm.

moe g.

loved this book my wedding day was supposed to be 01-29-1977 we pulled it off the next day though and this book is a great keepsake thank you

Christine G.

I have purchased all of the pediment Buffalo books and love them. My family and friends are always looking through them since i have them on the coffee table. Keep them coming. Looking forward to more.

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