Bayou Gourmet Cookbook

Jade Anniversary Edition

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Remember the old saying, "Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful"? Combine that thought with lagniappe; Cajun-speak for a little something extra. The result is the Jade Anniversary Edition of the The Courier & Daily Comet's most popular annual concoction, The Bayou Gourmet Cookbook.

This 35th anniversary edition includes first place winning recipes in all categories from 1976-2010.

Features recipes and categories such as:

• Pecan sweet breads • Crab meat roll-ups • Crawfish and crab stuff beignets

Appetizers and Breads

• Oyster soup • Cajun cabbage rolls • Hen and Andouille sausage gumbo

Soups, Salads, and Vegetables

• Gator quiche • Mardi Gras cheese grits • Shrimp and flounder 


• Spicy chicken and black bean tortillas • Porc Tourtiere • Chicken Pitout

Meat, Poutry, and Game

• Apricot brandy pound cake • Bread pudding with Amaretto sauce • Raisin Cajun pecan pralines


• Low-fat lemony cheese cake • Lighter crawfish pie • Light Margarita pie

On the Lighter Side

• Mediterranean marinade lamb chops • Omelet de couscous • Elle Berry muffins

Quick and Easy

• Cheeseburger pie • Peanutty chocolate banana bites • Yummy shrimp enchiladas 

Young Chefs and Kid's Snacks


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