The Best Story of Your Life

by Joseph Anfuso

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What is God’s plan for my life? How can I find it? How does God reveal His plans for me?

Plenty of people have offered helpful responses: spend time in prayer and God’s Word…identify your spiritual gifts…ask others to point out your strengths and weaknesses…create a “life plan” and commit yourself to carrying it out.

Joseph Anfuso has a different answer. Based on his own experiences and those of the faithful people around him, he offers a new perspective: the key to discovering your God-given destiny may be as simple (and hard) as this: responding with faith and obedience to circumstances you did not anticipate or seek.

Once again, Joe Anfuso transcends traditional offerings in Christian literature with an immensely readable book that both regular churchgoers and the ‘seekers’ among us will enjoy.

Pete Ferryman, Anchor, Good Day Oregon, KPTV Fox 12

Refreshingly honest and transparent, Joe Anfuso’s new book shows how God uses unforeseen and sometimes unwelcome circumstances to continually draw us to Himself. I encourage you to read this book!

Ben Crane, PGA Tour golfer

Joseph Anfuso’s compelling new book gives us eyes to see how God is uniquely at work in our lives, powerfully leading each of us toward a glorious destiny.

Rich Stearns, President, World Vision US, author The Hole in Our Gospel

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