Spanning Oregon

Exploring Our Treasured Bridges

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Presenting a beautiful coffee-table book from The Oregonian/OregonLive on the bridges of Oregon. They move us — literally and figuratively. They connect us. They inspire us. They wow us. They sometimes even define us.

This is not just a history book. It’s a book about who we are and how we’ve transformed — featuring gorgeous color imagery shot by Oregonian/OregonLive staff photographers along with vintage black and white photography tracing the history of our iconic landmarks.

It’s a book about architecture and style and about our appreciation of technology, innovation and workmanship. The book features chapters of 18 of your favorite bridges. Plus scores of photographs of other bridges around the state.

Customer Reviews

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Allison S.
Spanning Oregon

Beautifully done! Excellent quality! Anyone who is from Oregon, especially Portland, will love this book! It would make a great gift.

Terry J.
It’s a Christmas Present!

I haven’t looked at it. Had to keep it sealed but can’t wait for a stolen opportunity to peruse it. So excited!

Elizabeth S.
Spanning Oregon

Great coffee table book. Lots of information and pictures of Oregon's bridges. Love that the publisher is local.

Ingo J.
Nice Oregon bridge history book

I really enjoy my copy of 'Spanning Oregon: Exploring Our Treasured Bridges'. The book is well laid-out and illustrated. Being a fan of bridge architecture and local history, this book fills a spot on my shelf of references.

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