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We live in a pop culture world, a world filled with our favorite films, music, monsters and myths. It’s a world of rock stars and scientists who rocked the world. It’s a world of founding fathers, fiction, fast food, fairy tales and fantasy. A world of sitcoms, superheroes, sleuths, sci-fi, surrealists and superspies. Our pop culture world is a world inhabited by advertising icons, aliens, genies, zombies and vampires. There are storybook characters, good guys, bad guys, wizards, witches, blockheads, blockbusters and best-sellers. It is a world so rich and diverse that it couldn’t possibly be covered in a single volume, so think of this as a short travel guide. A travel guide through the very twisted world of Rubes® Twisted Pop Culture.

This eBook features more than 300 full-color cartoons hand selected and colored by the cartoonist himself specifically for this project. 

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