Flathead Lake

On My Mind

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Author Steve Smith and publisher Wayne Schile present a hardcover book on all things Flathead Lake, Montana. This limited-edition book is the culmination of years of experience in and around Flathead Lake from the perspective of Steve, Wayne, veteran newspaperman Paul Fugleberg, and countless others.

As Steve puts it, Flathead Lake On My Mind takes the reader “for a quick verbal promenade around the lake — up one shore and down the other — touching on people and places nobody would dare to leave out of a Flathead Lake book. (Who would write about the lake without mentioning sweet cherries? Or the native tribes that called the Flathead area home long before explorers and settlers arrived on the scene? Or the dreaded Flathead Lake Monster? Or the lake’s proud old steamboats? Or the Copper Cup Regatta? Or salmon and mackinaw?)”

With engaging stories and high-quality photography accompanying, this book is the perfect Flathead Lake showpiece for your coffee table.

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