Relive the legacy of Coach K with this hardcover coffee-table book

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K: 42 Seasons • Five Championships • One Unmatched Legacy

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Limited-edition book celebrates the career of Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski 

From ACC championships to NCAA Tournament titles, top Duke players to coach K’s impact in our community, this hardcover, 144-page book is full of stories, photos and stats that showcase Blue Devils basketball and Coach K’s career in a compelling way.

Book details

  • Title: K: 42 Seasons • Five Championships • One Unmatched Legacy

  • Hardcover, collector's edition

  • ISBN: 9781638460015

  • Published by Pediment Publishing

  • 144 pages on 80# archival stock meant to last and not yellow for generations

  • Printed in North America

  • Ships May 13, 2022

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