We are now accepting photo submissions for Hurricane Florence: Devastation and Recovery in Coastal Carolina. Please be sure to submit photos by Monday, May 6, 2019.

The Wilmington Star News is thrilled to give our readers the opportunity to submit historic photos for our upcoming "Hurricane Florence: Devastation and Recovery in Coastal Carolina" book project. If you have photographs that meet the criteria below, please submit your photos here.

Submission Guidelines

  • We're looking for photos showing the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Florence.
  • All photos must be taken in Wilmington, NC
  • All photos must be taken from September 2018 through September 2019.
  • Original photos are preferred. No newspaper clippings or photocopies, please.
  • Please scan your photos as high-resolution—preferably 4200 pixels (or 14 inches at 300dpi) on the long edge. See our scanning guide, here.
Step 1: Select photos
Fill out your contact information and select photos to upload from your computer, device or other source.
Step 2: Complete information
A section will pop open, previewing your selected photos. Fill out all required information for each photo. If the photo’s credit matches the name you gave for contact information, you do not need to fill that field out again.
Step 3: Review & upload
Review the terms and conditions for photo submissions, then click the "Upload" button. If any information is missing, error messages will point out where. Upon successful submission of photos, a "thank you" message will appear.

Please submit the highest-resolution images you have. Also be certain your photos have a proper credit and caption. We are unable to use photos without well-written captions and proper photo credits. Also note, not all photos may be used. We do our best to use as many photos as possible, but we cannot guarantee use.

By submitting images, you accept the Photo Submission Terms and Conditions.